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Greater efficiency
& lower costs

For our customers, we get the most out of every order: We lower your disposal costs, minimise transport routes, reduce the number of empty journeys and identify hidden potential!

One point of contact
for all eventualities

From tendering to operation, one central point of contact will support you along the way: two ears open to your concerns and one telephone number for all eventualities!

Assumption of
investments & risks

We take responsibility for our results and provide a guarantee for the success of the services that we provide. And we assume all risks, for example for production fluctuations!

The edge of
experience & innovation

We have been working for the success of our customers since 2001, and create innovations where they are used, such as specially programmed apps and practical web applications.



Facility Services

Trained personnel, top equipment, reliable plans and implementation, all under one roof. With our love for detail, we can guarantee cleanliness and order and therefore the very best working conditions.


Hygiene Services

With our disinfection methods, we effectively clean surfaces in locations including offices, schools, vehicle interiors and care homes, supply protective items and maintain equipment.


Logistics Services

We move goods and materials. Through efficiency in warehouse management and transport, we can lower costs and minimise investments and risks for your company.


Waste Services

We collect, sort and transport waste on your company premises and ensure the best possible recovery and recycling. We endeavour to achieve the best for you by applying efficient overall concepts.


Because we improve
your earnings power!


Facility management, waste management and plant logistics — our offering covers all three areas. We have received multiple certifications and make use of specially programmed digital solutions to allow us to optimise your non-core activities. This helps us to lower your costs.

Because we invest for you
and assume the risks!


Saubermacher Outsourcing invests in the company locations at which it is active. We independently assume all of the risks of product utilisation and warehousing, e.g. in the event of inventory takeover or production fluctuations.


Because you can take
advantage of our synergies!


We have strength in each individual service area and especially in areas where our services can be mutually integrated. This allows us to deliver additional synergies and savings — a benefit that clearly sets us apart from our competitors.

Because we ensure
transparency & measurability!


We provide process key-figure reporting and transparent evaluation systems for all of our services. This allows us to verify, evaluate and optimise the quality and timing of our services. You can only manage and control something if you can first measure it.


With us, you can cost
everything with ease!


One major advantage of using us is easy and transparent accounting of services. Instead of flat rates, we can, if preferred, charge for services per unit produced or per m2 of area cleaned.


+43 59800 7000


Opening hours: Mon–Thu 07:30–17:00  | Fri 07:30–15:00  

Saubermacher Outsourcing GmbH
Hans-Roth-Straße 1
A-8073 Feldkirchen bei Graz

Tel.: +43 59800 7000
Fax: +43 59800 7099
E-Mail: outsourcing@saubermacher.at