Logistics Services

The right place at the right time. Goods, materials, semi-finished and finished products as well as auxiliary and operating materials, everything in the right place at the right time, and all of it as efficiently as possible. With our professional factory logistics, you can benefit from low warehouse costs and high security of supply at the same time. Our competence and flexibility are backed up by more than 16 years of experience working in logistics. And the best part of it all: all potential risk is in our hands, we take care of the personnel and equipment, as well as make the necessary investments, and we take full responsibility for the very best results!

Full Service Logistik. When it comes to internal logistics, we take care of everything. From warehouse management to transport, including just-in-time delivery and hazardous goods logistics and preparation of relevant key figures and quality inspections. To choose us to choose to have everything under one roof, from the overall package to flexible individual services that are available at any time. Best-practice approaches based on our own experience and tailored solutions based on your requirements are the real recipe for success in internal logistics. We provide assistance in optimising your value-added chain with experience, flexibility, efficiency and (digital) innovation


Warehouse management

Warehouse management

Production logistics

Internal transport

Other services

Warehouse management
  • – Quality inspections
  • – Inventory and stock responsibility
  • – Quantity recording and statistics
  • – Own invoicing
  • – Key-figure and reporting systems
  • – Full responsibility for your security of supply
  • – Responsibility for aspects relevant to safety

Warehouse management
  • – Loading and unloading
  • – Coordination of supplies and deliveries
  • – Empty container logistics (sorting, cleaning, maintenance)
  • – Picking
  • – Fractionation and repackaging

Production logistics
  • – Just-in-time and just-in-sequence delivery
  • – Kanban-deliveries
  • – Internal movement of goods and tugger train concepts
  • – Hazardous goods logistics

Internal transport
  • – Transport of large parts
  • – Connectivity of external and internal warehouses
  • – Postal service
  • – Ad-hoc transport

Other services
Logistics Services typically involve a whole host of additional services. At Saubermacher Outsourcing, we seek the most efficient way to integrate additional services into the workflow.

  • – Document destruction
  • – Courier services
  • – Clearing
  • – Car park management
  • – Personal leasing
  • – Relocations
  • – Summer / winter services
Many companies take care of internal logistics themselves. This often leads to a higher cost structure due to a personnel surplus and investment and outlay for inventory and warehouse shrinkage. We take care of all of these non-core activities for you, and you can take advantage of our expertise and experience!
Logistics Services
Logistics Services




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